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 Welcome to Mercury Gymnastics!

Our mission is to create a positive environment where young people can enhance their skills and performance in gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling, dance and physical fitness. We encourage and challenge every young person to achieve their "personal best" by strengthening their body, their self-esteem and their confidence. Our goal is to make your child's experience at Mercury fun-filled and educational. 

Your child's gymnastic skills will be evaluated 2 times during our August thru May session. Skill charts will be online in your parent portal in December and in April. If you have any questions about your child's skill chart, please talk to your child's coach or send us an email with your questions.

Each May, Mercury Gymnastics will also host a Spring Fling performance for all preschoolers, and instructional boys and girls.  This performance will showcase all the skills your child has learned in class.


Mercury offers you and your children a clean, safe, and fun environment and the highest quality coaching staff in the Kansas City area. Our staff shares and adheres to the philosophies and mission of Mercury Gymnastics.


To perform at our best, we ask your help in adhering to the following basic policies:


Enrollment - NEED TO KNOW

  • ENROLL - Online - quickest; in person and by phone - we will walk you through the procedures.  You may enroll, transfer and drop anytime.  Tuition is prorated in weekly increments based on your enroll and drop dates.

  • Mercury Gymnastics has the right to move a student to an appropriate class if necessary.

Registration Policy 

  • A $38.00 non-refundable annual registration fee for each student will be auto billed when you register your student for the first time. You will be auto billed $36.00 on your anniversary date (if you are enrolled) to your credit card on file.  To determine the anniversary date, log into your Customer Portal and click on "My Account", "Payments".  Scroll down to "Recent Transactions".  At this point you will look for the date you last paid a registration fee.  This is your anniversary date, the annual fee will be billed to you on or shortly after this date.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.    . 

  • Only registered gymnasts are allowed beyond the gate.

Dropped Class Policy 

  • If you wish to drop your child from class use the following steps:

  1. Go to our website

  2. Login to the Mercury Gymnastics Customer Portal.  

  3. Go to "My Account", Enrollments" for the student you wish to drop from class, click the "Drop Enrollment" button.  

  4. Choose the "Drop Date".   Click on "Yes Please Drop".  Your "Drop Date" must be at least 2 weeks from the date the drop request is submitted.  

  • PLEASE NOTE: YOU will continue to be responsible for tuition for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS and until your requested drop date is submitted.  A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required to drop a class.

       Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know that he/she will no longer be attending classes.

Tuition Policy 

  • Tuition is paid monthly via direct debit from any major credit card or debit card on the 15th of the prior month (i.e. October’s tuition is due on September 15th).  

  • Declined payments (expired card, etc.) must be remedied on or before the 20th of the month or you risk losing your class spot to a waiting student. Any unpaid account on the 21st of each month will incur a $25.00 late fee.  Any student  still unpaid on the 25th of the month will be dropped from class for the following month.

  • Tuition is budgeted on a 48 week year which allows for a Winter break in December as well as a one week break in May and a two week break in August.

  • WE DO NOT INVOICE - Monthly tuition reminders will NOT be sent.  We will notify you by email if your tuition is unable to process or is not received.


Missed Class Policy 

  • We realize that your gymnast may miss classes due to illness or vacation.  This is taken into consideration when determining the tuition fees.  Therefore, missed classes cannot be prorated due to illness or vacation.


Weather Policy 

  • We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and want our families to be safe when the weather gets extreme.  

    • Winter Weather - Mercury Gymnastics will evaluate the weather and if we feel it is necessary to close, we will email all affected classes.  We will also post on our Facebook page and answering machine our status.  We will not necessarily close for a whole day, it is possible that we will be closed either in the AM or PM but not the whole day.  Please make sure to subscribe to our emails so that you receive any information that we send out.  Competitive gymnasts, your coach will email you about your practice schedule.  

    • Severe Weather - Thunder storms are monitored, and coaches will stop class and students will take cover if there appears to be tornados in the area


Safety Policy 

  • A coach will greet your child in the observation area and lead them down to the gymnastics area.

  • All parents that participate on the gymnastic floor are asked to please leave their street shoes upstairs.

  • To help assist us in properly warming up your child for the class, we ask that your child be ready on time.

  • Each gymnast needs to dress properly: shoes and socks placed in a purple cubbie area, long hair tied back, no gum, and appropriate leotard or t-shirt and shorts.

  • Make sure your child utilizes the bathroom before class.  This will help your teacher stay on track and not have to accompany your child back upstairs for the bathroom breaks.

  • Parents are welcome to stay and watch during class.  We ask that parents do not disturb their child's class by coaching them from upstairs.  This is very disrupting to your child and their class.  We also ask that you do not stand at the railing, this blocks other people from observing their children.

  • All food and drink MUST stay in the upstairs observation area.  This will help keep Mercury clean and safe.

  • If siblings are brought, we ask you to properly supervise them and not allow them to run around.  During inclement weather, the concrete floor can be slippery from moisture brought in on people's shoes.

What to Wear

  • Boys or Girls may wear t-shirts and shorts OR Leotards for Girls. NO chewing gum or dangling jewelry. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that it stays up for the entire class.  PLEASE LEAVE JEWELRY ARTICLES AT HOME.  This facility's staff will not be responsible for ANY items that may be lost or stolen.  Be sure your student's personal items are marked with their name.

Drop off Procedures

  • Be sure your student arrives 5 minutes before (no earlier please) his/her scheduled class time.  Please pick up your student on time. Please inform us if you know you will be late picking up your student.  Instruct your student to wait inside the building.  During peak times the parking lot is crowded.  Please take into consideration that our students may include young children.  Please drive slowly and carefully.  Do not take a chance on your student running to and from your car.

  • On the preschool, school age, tumbling, cheer and pre-competitive gymnastics side - family members or family friends will be allowed into the gym to view class. All adults must remain on the purple bleachers.

  • We will have a drop off car loop at the main front entry doors.  Parents will just need to pull to the yellow curb in front of the building.  Please try to be 5 minutes early to drop off your gymnast before their class.

  • Competitive teams will follow the same drop off and pick up procedures which were implemented during the past year.

Gymnast Check In & Class Procedures

  • Upon entering, your gymnast will check in, take off shoes and be guided to their coaches table for class.

  • All boys and girls will need to bring a labeled water bottle.  

  • Each coach will have tissues and hand sanitizer when needed. As a team, we are still working on the best possible night time sanitizing after everyone has exited the building. All our disinfectants are EDC approved to kill any virus. We will also have our nightly cleaning crew each night.

Pick Up Procedures

  • At the end of practice, coaches will check gymnasts out and release them to families at the Southwest exit door on the front of the building. 

Photo Release

  • I hereby give my permission for Mercury Gymnastics to take my photograph or a photograph of my child(ren) and use or publish for Mercury Gymnastics purposes and I release Mercury Gymnastics any claims for such use. Mercury Gymnastics also reserves the right to post pictures of birthday party or class participants on our website or Facebook pages.

Holiday Closings

  • Mercury Gymnastics will be closed the following holidays: 

    • Easter Sunday

    • Mother's Day

    • Memorial Day

    • Father's Day

    • Fourth of July

    • Labor Day

    • Halloween

    • Thanksgiving break (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)

    • Winter break (approximately two weeks over Christmas and New Years)

    • One week break in May 

    • Two week break in August

Competitive Team Members Only

  • Injured athletes, in any capacity, are required to submit a medical note stating the injury and date of injury, to the front desk.  A doctor's release MUST be submitted before returning to practice.  Tuition will be adjusted accordingly upon the gymnasts return.

  • Leaving Mercury Gymnastics as a team member requires a conference with your coach.  

    • If you wish to drop your child from team use the following steps:

      • Go to our website

      • Login to the Mercury Gymnastics Customer Portal.  

      • Go to "My Account", Enrollments" for the student you wish to drop from class, click the "Drop Enrollment" button.  

      • Choose the "Drop Date".   Click on "Yes Please Drop".  Your "Drop Date" must be at least 2 weeks from the date the drop request is submitted.  

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