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Girls Pre-Competitive Gymnastics

Mercury Gymnastics offers specialized training for gymnasts of a young age that show a high level of talent and potential to one day be part of our Girls Competitive Program. This is a year round program and requires a large commitment. This program is Coach Invite Only! If your daughter’s coach feels she should be a part of this program or you just want to learn more about it, please reach out to Laura Habel at

Level 1 - Pre-Competitive (Coach Invite Only)

Pre-Competitive is a 2 hour twice a week class geared for gymnasts 4 to 5 years old. In this class the gymnasts will learn basic skills, drills, and techniques to lead up to the next part of the program. They will learn terminology and the fundamentals of gymnastics. Commitment to this program is serious as we are gearing these gymnasts up to at some point be on our USAG competitive team. They will learn how to work together as a group and follow instructions given to them. They will also learn how to rotate from event to event as a group. Pre-Competitive Daily Goals: For each gymnast to leave Mercury with a smile on their face and feel like they have accomplished something new and fun. The expectation is to have the gymnast experience a fun and progressive class.



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