Girls Pre-Competitive Gymnastics

We offer 4 levels of specialized training for gymnasts that show the potential to be a part of our Girls Competitive Program. Our Pre-Competitive Program is Coach Invite Only and all gymnasts must be evaluated for this program by Carly Fetters, our Pre-Competitive Director.  This is a year around program that requires commitment.  Prices for the Pre-Competitive Program are per month.  All missed classes (except those due to injury) are not subject to being prorated.



Level 1 - Little Comets (Coach Invite Only)

Little Comets is a 1 1/2 hour class once a week class geared for gymnasts 3 to 5 years old.  This is the first level of our Pre-Competitive Program.  Here they will learn the basic skills, terminology, and fundamentals required in gymnastics.  They will also learn how to follow basic instructions, learn to stay in a structured group setting, and learn how to work together as a team. Little Comets Goals: For each gymnast to feel excited about the skills they are learning.  Have a fun and progressive experience.  


Level 2 - Galaxy Girls (Coach Invite Only)

Galaxy Girls is a 1 1/2 hour twice a week class geared for gymnasts 4 to 5 years old.  This is the second level to our                       Pre-Competitive Program.  In this level the gymnasts will learn basic skills, drills, and techniques to lead up to the next levels.  They will continue to learn terminology and fundamentals in gymnastics.  In this particular level they will learn to put skills together, as a routine.   Commitment to this program is serious, we are gearing these girls up to at some point be on our USAG competitive team.  They will continue to learn how to work together as a group and follow instructions given to them.  They will also learn how to rotate from event to event as a group. Galaxy Girls Goals: For each gymnast to leave Mercury with a smile on their face and feel like they have accomplished something new and fun.  We will continue to have the gymnast experience a fun and progressive class.  


Level 3 - Galactic Girls (Coach Invite Only)

Galactic Girls class is a 2 hour twice a week class geared for gymnasts 5 to 7 years old.  This is the third level to our                     Pre-Competitive Program.  In this particular level we are focusing on mastering skills, drills, and techniques that have been taught the in the first two levels.  They are continuing to master their terminology and fundamentals that have been previously learned. This is a fast moving class and we require the gymnasts to focus on the task at hand while also having a fun and progressive experience.  In gymnastics everything builds on its self, and from this level you can move to our Pre-Team Level or to our USAG Competitive Level 3 Team.  We require commitment from the gymnast and parent in this level.  Galactic Girls Goals: For each gymnast to walk away from practice feeling accomplished and successful, while continuing to learn and progress through the sport. 


Level 4 - Girls Pre-Team (Coach Invite Only)

Girls Pre-Team is a 3 hour twice a week class.  This is the fourth level of our Pre-Competitive Program.  Here they will learn how to put multiple skills and dance together to make up a routine.  The gymnasts will compete in a handful of competitions at this level.  This particular class is very structured and works side by side with our USAG program to ensure the proper technique and fundamentals have been taught.  Competitions at this level are required (all local, KC area). Girls Pre-Team Goals: For each gymnast to feel accomplished and successful, while having fun and learning. 

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