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Girls Competitive KC League Xcel Gymnastics

Here at Mercury Gymnastics our KC League Xcel program is designed as an alternative competitive program allowing flexibility in commitment levels and varying abilities. The goal of KC League Xcel is to provide a rewarding competitive experience, while leaving extra time for friends, family, and other sports; to keep gymnasts in the sport longer and to allow a wider choice of skills to highlight gymnast strengths.


KC League has a smaller area of competition compared to the state/region-wide competitive area of the USAG program. We attend 5-7 local meets, including a Championship meet held at the end of the season. For the 2022-2023 meet season, all 4 of our levels placed in the top 3 at Championships!!


Our KC League Xcel program tries to keep cost and time in the gym lower, all while giving each child individualized plans to grow and be successful in their own way.  Mercury offers four League Xcel levels as of 2023-2024 Season, Xcel Bronze, Xcel Silver, Xcel Gold, and Xcel Platinum. This program is Coach Invite Only .


XCEL BRONZE (Coach Invite Only)

Xcel Bronze is our introductory level in League Xcel. They practice for a total of 4 hours a week. Typically, two, two-hour practices. The Bronze level builds a foundation by focusing on the basics of gymnastics. Learning proper technique and terminology of each event is the end goal for this level.


XCEL SILVER (Coach Invite Only)

Xcel Silver is our second level in League Xcel. They practice for a total of 6 hours a week. Typically, three, two-hour practices. This level continues to build a strong foundation of basic skills, while allowing gymnasts to explore more difficult skills in their strengths. Coaches can start to focus on these strengths and help gymnasts grow in their own ways.


XCEL GOLD (Coach Invite Only)

Xcel Gold is our third level in League Xcel. They practice 8 hours a week. Typically, two, three-hour practice and one two-hour practice. The emphasis of this level is correct form and technique since the skills are getting more difficult. Here, we really start to let the gymnast explore a wider range of skills where they feel most comfortable. This level starts to see a wider range of difficulty and performance in routines.


XCEL PLATINUM (Coach Invite Only)

Xcel Platinum is our fourth level in League Xcel. They practice 10 hours a week. Typically, two, four-hour practices and one, two-hour practice. Our goal for the Platinum gymnasts is safety and proper technique as they get the most freedom in exploring a range of difficult skills. Once a gymnast reaches our Platinum level, they get individualized floor routines with their own music.


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