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Girls Instructional Gymnastics

We offer 6 levels in our Girls Instructional Program that are designed with the emphasis of fun first, accomplishment second.  Our program is designed to build on skills as they move forward to the next level at Mercury. Each gymnast has a skill chart that is structured to record your gymnast's progress.   The instructional classes are 55 minutes in length giving your child plenty of time to explore their skills on the beam, bars, floor circuit, and trampoline.  Children will also enjoy jumping into Mercury's 35 X 20 square foot in ground foam pit.  

Level 1 - Kinderstars (5 to 6 Years Old) 

Kinderstars is a 55 minute age based instructional class designed for girls 5 to 6 years old. This class is designed for gymnasts that want to build on their handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward tumbling and will work on basic beginning skills on bars, beam and vault.  In this age based class gymnasts will have the opportunity to develop at their own pace.  

Level 2 - Superstars (6 to 10 Years Old)

Superstars is a 55 minute beginner instructional class designed for girls 6 to 10 years old. This class is for gymnasts that have basic knowledge of forward and backward tumbling, know what a cartwheel is, but wants to work on right or left cartwheels with straight legs. In this class gymnasts will work on flexibility skills, handstands, straight leg cartwheels, bars, beam and vault

Level 3 - Satellites (6 to 12 Years Old)

Satellites is a 55 minute advanced beginner instructional class designed for gymnasts 6 to 12 years old. Gymnasts in this class need have the knowledge of the following skills:  cartwheel, forward and backward roll, hold a bridge, kick up to a handstand, balance on the beam, jump on the trampoline and swing on bars. In this class gymnasts will work on straight leg cartwheels and finish, bridges, round off drills, turns and jumps on the trampoline, walks and dismounts on the balance beam and swinging and strength drills on the uneven bars.


Level 4 - Sunrays  

Sunrays is a 55 minute intermediate instructional class designed for gymnasts who have a strong cartwheel, round off, bridge and are ready to work on upper level skills.  In this class they will continue to learn forward and backward tumbling, pullovers, glide swings and swinging on the bars, cartwheels, balancing and dismounts on beam, forward and back walkovers and start to do drills for front and back handsprings on floor.  


Level 5 - Moonbeams

Moonbeams is a 55 minute advanced intermediate instructional class designed for gymnasts who have achieved the following skills:  round off, bridge kick over, pullover on bars and handstand on beam. Focus will be on strength, flexibility, form and working on front and back handsprings.


Level 6 - Supernovas (Coach Invite Only)

Supernovas is a 90 minute advanced instructional class designed for gymnasts who have mastered advanced intermediate skills and are focused on forward, backward tumbling, front and back tuck work, routines, cartwheels on beam, kips on bars and vaulting drills. Registration for this class requires approval from the gymnastics coach. Please inquire with the gymnastics coach or Mercury’s front desk for more information.   

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