Boys School Age Gymnastics

In our Boys School Age Instructional Program that are designed with the emphasis of fun first, accomplishment second. Our program is designed to build on skills as they move forward to the next level at Mercury. Each gymnast has a skill chart that is structured to record your gymnast's progress.   The school age instructional classes are 55 minutes in length giving your child plenty of time to explore their skills on the beam, bars, floor circuit, and trampoline.  Children will also enjoy jumping into Mercury's 35 X 20 square foot in ground foam pit.  

Level 1 - Boys School Age Gymnastics (4 to 6 Years Old) (6 to 8 Years Old) or (8 Years Old & Up)

Boys Basics is a 55 minute age based instructional class designed for boys 4 to 6 year old, 6 to 8 years old, or 8 years old & up.  In this class gymnasts will focus on establishing the most important fundamentals on each of the six Men's Gymnastics events: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bars.  

Level 2 - Boys Advanced (5 to 8 Years Old) (Coach Invite Only)

Boys Advanced is a 55 minute age based instructional class designed for boys 5 to 8 years old who have a thorough background in gymnastics.  This class will cover a wide variety of challenging skills on each event, designed to push them to the limit.