Boys & Girls Trampoline and Tumbling

We offer 2 levels in our Boys & Girls Trampoline and Tumbling Program that are designed with the emphasis on fun first, accomplishment second while learning how to fly, twist and flip.  Our program is designed to build on skills as they move forward to the next level at Mercury.  These levels give your child plenty of time to explore their skills tumbling on the trampoline and double mini.  Boys & Girls Trampoline and Tumbling is a great alternative for students who love gymnastics but enjoy tumbling and trampoline the best.  

Level 1 - Trampoline and Tumbling Basics (5 Years Old & Up)

Trampoline and Tumbling Basics is a 55 minute class designed for boys and girls 5 years old & up who have no prior experience.  This class is designed for students to learn proper positions and body alignments, rolls to cartwheels during tumbling, jumps to turn overs on the trampoline and take offs to jump landings on the double mini.  

Level 2 - Trampoline and Tumbling Advanced

Trampoline and Tumbling Advanced is a 55 minute class designed for boys and girls who have completed Level 1 - Trampoline and Tumbling Basics and MUST HAVE a front tuck, on trampoline and knowledge of a back handspring.  This class is a non competitive class designed to have fun while learning how to fly, twist and flip on the floor and trampolines.